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For users of our arbitration clauses we provide quick and conclusive resolution of commercial disputes around the world in several languages.

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Professional Arbitration and Mediation Services


International Arbitration Center of Santo Domingo SRL
follows in the path of courts of arbitration which were founded in many countries in Europe, Caribbean and the USA in 1958. The Court won its respect and esteem during its existence primarily among European courts of arbitration and also recently in Latin America. Nonetheless, the Court is also highly respected outside the continent since it arbitrates disputes of entities from all over the world.



Resolution of disputes

Besides arbitration procedures (arbitrations) the IACSDRD offers also professional and impartial mediating services to solve business and other disputes. Mediation is based on the fact that a third, independent, person the so called mediator steps in between two disputing parties and becomes the mediator of a conciliatory compromise of the disputed issues and problems arising between entrepreneurs, institutions, companies or individuals.

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Resolution of disputes

The arbitration procedure (the arbitration) is an out-of-court way to settle disputes among parties by independent and impartial arbitrators, which is used as a substitution of a civil trial for property and commercial disputes.

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Legal services

Legal services by the IACSDRD

Legalization of Documents, Attaching apostille to documents, Representation in front of authorities in the Dominican Republic, Due Diligence and Consulting services, Settling Adoptions, Enforcement and collection of receivable and many other services.

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  • Thanks to professional mediation service, we again find a way in a joint venture with business partners. Thank you IACSDRD!!

    Jason Howard (Businessman, Australia)
  • Rapid intervention IACSDRD prevent damage to us by have originated in foreign trade. We recommend IACSDRD!!

    Huang Li (Supplier, China)
  • Thank you IACSDRD for your professional approach in negotiations with the authorities of Dominican Republic when we allow the construction of a hotel complex.

    Gery Schultz (Investor, Germany)
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